The drama surrounding Mikel Knight and his street team continues. Police from all over Central New York warned people on social media to be cautious and stay away from the vans and tour busses selling CD's without a permit yesterday. Today comes news one of the vans was in an accident.

The busted van was in the parking of Village Motors in Oriskany this morning  and when we called we were told the van was towed to the lot sometime last night and no one at the dealership has talked to anyone from Mikel Knight's street team.

Stacy Brown
Stacy Brown

Knight hires people known as the ‘Maverick Dirt Road Street Teams’ to travel the country selling his CDs. His ‘team’ has been accused of being overly aggressive in an article by Music journalist Kyle “Trigger” Coroneos.

Former street team members have started a Facebook page to make the public aware of how they were treated. There are claims of abuse, being over worked, underpaid and some even say they were left by the side of the road when they didn't sell enough CDs.

Two street team members were killed in an accident in June of 2014. One former member, Ky Rogers shared his story on Facebook after getting into a crash as well. He says he was hired as Knight's lead guitarist but was told to sell CDs, not tour. "For a month to 2 months straight, we would get up at 6:30 AM and would not stop selling until midnight," writes Rogers. He claims they slept in vans, missing showers and were harassed by Knight. "I can't tell you how many people's lives I've heard him threaten."

"Everyone needs to know about how this man truly is, this "Mikel Knight". His real name is Jason Cross. He's a Texas gangster that hides his real name because of Legal reasons back in Texas. And he has perfected a hustle with dumb and innocent young teenagers."

Court records in Nashville show Knight has been arrested a number of times on several charges including assault, harassment and theft.

Knight shot back on his Facebook page after the news spread yesterday, saying "If you just came by to hate then you don't buy my music, which means you and I BOTH don't care about each other so GET LOST. If you really wanna fight me or think your bad. Come to my show.. lets see what happens. We'll see if your bad or if I'm bad. Cuz thats what you want right? The small town news will have a real story then. True Fans its time we call them and let them spend time hearing the TRUTH."

Knight was given the opportunity to tell his side during a morning interview to which his publicist agreed to. But in an email from the VP of his label 1203 Entertainment ,we were told "When "The Big Frog" is ready to play Mikel Knights music and discuss the positive things that the MDRST does for the community we will entertain their request. We respectfully decline."

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