Mike Tyson has established a great working relationship with The Turning Stone Resort and Casino. His boxing promotion company, "Iron Mike Productions," has put on many boxing events at the Turning Stone and if you're ever out on the game floor or by the hotel, you may just run into the boxing legend. Recently, Mike starred in a television commercial for Turning Stone. In it he begs to be hit!

Here Is The 30 Second Spot:

That commercial was even shot right in the casino at Turning Stone. I would hate to play blackjack with Mike. You never hit on 19! I would hate more being the dealer if he hadn't hit Mike with the 2 he needed. Say what you want about Mike Tyson, I think he's awesome and the fact that he spends a lot of time here in Central New York is pretty cool too.

This commercial is debuting in Albany, Rochester, and Binghamton today. It will also be featured on such channels as ESPN, ESPN 2, MTV, and Comedy Central.