A recent injury to Midland frontman Mark Wystrach's face proves that he's tough, but not invincible.

"Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real," he writes with an April 6 Instagram picture that shows blood flowing from his cheek. "It’s been real El Salvador."

Midland fans quickly commented their well wishes, with some hoping for more details as to what, exactly, happened during Wystrach’s recent trip to El Salvador. It was in the "second to last wave," he explains. "Board got slammed under by a huge wave and snapped back at my face like a missile."

And though most fans sounded concerned over Wystrach's injury, others remarked about how the gash doesn't affect his undeniable good looks. “(You are) even hotter with the injury,” one fan notes. “Like, how is that possible?”

It is amazing, isn’t it?

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This injury probably won’t slow Wystrach or his Midland bandmates Cameron Duddy and Jess Carson down. The ACM-winning New Vocal Group of the Year are scheduled to play the star-studded awards show in Las Vegas on April 15. The country trio are also currently touring with Little Big Town on the Breakers Tour and will join fellow country star Thomas Rhett later this year.

Midland recently released a brand new Spanish version of their wildly popular song "Drinkin’ Problem," with Jay De La Cueva of Mexico’s Moderatto music group joining them in a singalong recorded in both Austin and Nashville.

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