When Corbett (Oregon) Middle School football coach Randy Burbach asked his players where they wanted to have their end-of-season awards party none of them said Chuckie Cheese. No, most of the 7th and 8th grade boys said--prepare for a shock--Hooter's. When he was told it would not be sanctioned by the school he said he would take them there anyway and was promptly fired.

The school's athletic director JP Soulagnet notified parents of his decision to not allow the event in a letter explaining his actions.

Some might say that this restaurant objectifies women. I would tend to agree. It is not a restaurant that I would feel good about my wife or daughter working at. I think it sends the wrong message to our young men and that saddens and worries me the most.

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Fox Sports reports that only 3 or 4 families objected to having the party at Hooter's leading Coach Burbach to question the AD's decision.

"Not allowing myself to be bullied by a vocal minority is the war I want to win," he said.

via Middle school football coach fired for planning Hooters party - News | FOX Sports on MSN.

Here is more of what he had to say.

Personally, while I understand some parent's concerns, I think the decision was hasty and ill-informed. My wife was recently in Florida with two of our grandsons ,ages 11 and 8, and when she asked them which beach restaurant they wanted to go to they said, "HOOTER's!" The girls there even blessed them with a couple of pictures. It was fun and a memory they won't soon forget.


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