The Medal of Honor is the highest award that a member of the United States Armed Forces can receive. It's an award that is typically given to someone who has lost their life in battle while saving other soldiers, but some winners are fortunate to survive their injuries, no matter how extreme, and are recognized for their efforts. One of those recipients is Cpl. Kyle Carpenter of the United States Marine Corps. 

David Letterman of 'The Late Show' on CBS had Cpl. Carpenter on as a guest to share his story about why he was given this incredible honor. Cpl. Carpenter is only the second living Marine to earn the Medal of Honor since Vietnam.

They also discussed his extensive list of injuries, which he was pretty comfortable talking about.

Cpl. Carpenter also talks about what it was like to get that phone call from President Obama.

It's because of brave men and women like Cpl. Carpenter that we have the advantages, rights, and privileges in this country. That is why whenever I meet or see a veteran I make it a point, whether they're active or retired, to shake their hand and say thank you. What an inspiration! Kyle is now going back to school did get a degree in Psychology.