Matt Damon made waves when he showed up to the University of Nebraska’s Lincoln campus orientation July 10th. He was there to support Ismail Jackson, his nephew and a South Florida football prospect.

Not only did Damon attend the orientation, without any entourage or security, he stopped to talk and take pictures with fans.  Look closely and you'll even see Damon wore a nametag that read M. Damon.'


Too bad more celebrities in Hollywood couldn't be as humble and down to earth as Damon.

Matt Damon Plays Santa For A Cause [VIDEO]

Matt Damon has taken on the role of Santa Clause in this video. No, it's not for a new movie, it's for a cause-clean water. According to, which is the website displayed at the beginning of the video, the organization was co-founded by Damon and Gary White.

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