There a number of videos on YouTube of people waking up from surgery and being a little groggy. Most are of kids at the dentist office, but this one beats them all.  Jason Mortensen had a hernia operation and when he woke up he didn't know who his wife was.

Jason told his wife she was beautiful and he couldn't believe he was married to her. He thought she was a nurse, then asked if she was a model. My favorite Jason quote, and there are plenty, was 'I hit the jackpot!'

Groggy or not, the woman should feel really good about herself after hearing all the nice things he had to say about her.

Man Who Doesn't Recognize His Wife After Surgery Says Video Isn't Fake When Couple Appears on 'Today' Show [VIDEO]

Meet the 'prettiest woman' the man coming out of surgery has ever seen. Candice Mortensen is Jason's wife and the one who shot the video of her husband after surgery. The couple appeared on the 'Today' show to talk about the video, that has gone viral and to put any rumors to rest of it being staged or fake.

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