Save yourself (and your local election inspectors) some hassle by knowing the law before you head to the polls to vote today.

One man went to a Camillus polling place to vote Tuesday morning donning a Trump hat and sweatshirt. Believe it or not, that's actually electioneering, and it's not allowed at polling places.

Per New York State law, voters are not allowed to wear clothing or buttons that represent a candidate or issue on the ballot. Of course, that means attire like Trump hats or Biden Harris shirts are not allowed inside polling place. contributor Jared Paventi was at the Camillus polling place this morning when election volunteers asked the man to remove his hat and sweatshirt in order to vote.

"He raised his voice and asked who was going to make him. That’s when I turned on the video camera," Paventi told "The poll workers are undertaking a difficult task this year and [I] thought that if things escalated, there would be a record."

Paventi took to Twitter to share the video, which shows the man arguing with volunteers until they show him the statute that bans electioneering at polling places. While the man eventually removed his Trump attire, Paventi wrote in a Tweet that it didn't happen easily.

"Prior to my firing up my phone, he asked who was going to remove the sweatshirt from him," Paventi wrote. "When the poll workers said they would call the police, he name dropped a bunch cops he knew. He complied but I wouldn’t say willingly."

The Onondaga County Office of the Board of Elections released a statement last week, reminding voters of the electioneering laws and encouraging people to not wear political attire.

"My suggestion is just don’t come with anything," Onondaga County Board of Elections Commissioner Michele Sardo said, according to "Just come in, vote and then go on your way. I know there’s always inspectors that feel uncomfortable or don’t want to cause an issue."

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