Father's Day is coming up and what better gift for Dad than a round or two of golf? How about a list of excuses he can keep handy to get out on the course? I have that covered for you.

Here are my favorite excuses to hit the links, and while some are purely funny, some may work. You never know unless you try them.

  • All of my bosses play golf
  • All the TV shows are re-runs
  • I need to do something while I drink beer
  • Getting frustrated is motivation for me
  • I have to do something to pass the time before the work week starts
  • Golf teaches me patience, and I need more of that for work
  • I can get lawn care tips from the grounds crew
  • Its a business meeting
  • Summer is short so I need to golf as much as possible
  • I want to see if my new sunglasses work properly
  • I love yelling ‘Fore,’ even though I’ve never been able to hit anyone
  • I finally have the chance to play with someone worse than me
  • I just got my Seize the Deal Golf Card so now I HAVE to go golfing

Here’s a complete list of the golf courses offered:

  • Alder Creek
  • Barker Brook
  • Carlowden Country Club
  • Casolwood
  • Crystal Springs
  • Mohawk Glen
  • Mohawk Valley Country Club
  • Oriskany Hills
  • Rome Country Club
  • Twin Ponds

You can get your 2017 Seize the Deal Golf Card at SeizetheDeal.com.

Now if only we had tips to make you and your Dad better golfers...