Luke Combs heads to Wyoming to sharpen his skills as an outdoorsman on a new episode of MeatEater, a Netflix series helmed by hunting enthusiast and conservationist Steven Rinella.

The show finds Rinella partnering with famous friends from all corners of the entertainment industry, who join him for hunting trips to some of the most far-flung and beautiful hunting regions in the country.

The episode featuring Combs — which is the first installment of the show's 10th season — finds the "Cold as You" superstar and Rinella in pursuit of pronghorn, a deer-like mammal native to the plains of Wyoming. According to Netflix's website, the crew run into a snafu during their hunting trip when they encounter a flock of sheep.

In 2020, Combs appeared in a post on Rinella's Instagram, leading fans to speculate that the singer might be a guest on a forthcoming episode. In a tweet he shared last Wednesday (Sept. 29), Combs confirmed his appearance on the show, and also shared some snapshots from the trip.

Combs also said that the Brothers Hunt, songwriter/conservationist sibling duo Dan and Reid Isbell, also joined him on his voyage to Wyoming for the MeatEater shoot. Just a few days after sharing the news of his appearance on the episode, Combs offered fans a snippet of a new song called "The Kind of Love We Make," which he co-wrote with the Brothers Hunt as well as Dustin Nunley and Jamie Davis. It's unclear if the song was written during their trip to Wyoming or on another occasion.

The singer also donated a signed acoustic guitar to be auctioned off as part of MeatEater's "Auction House of Oddities," benefiting their Land Access Initiative. The initiative raises money to find more hunting properties and create opportunities for people everywhere to hunt and fish. Bidding on the guitar signed by Combs runs through Oct. 18; you can place a bid on MeatEater's website.

Part 1 of the new season of MeatEater is now streaming on Netflix. Other episodes bring Rinella and his celebrity guests to a South Texas ranch, on a muleback venture through the Ozarks, and much more.

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