A Luke Bryan fan with ALS wanted one thing from him in Philadelphia, and he obliged.

Watch as the "Light It Up" singer cracks a cold beer with Candace, the mother of Luke fan Nancy North. She brought a sign that read: “I have ALS, on my bucket list is too drink a beer with you" to the show. The "Drink a Beer" singer spotted it near the end of his show, and with great effort reached down to make sure she could cross that off her bucket list

One Country caught up with Candace who said, "My gratitude toward him cannot be put into words. But I would like to get out there that not only do I thank him and his whole crew — everybody behind stage that made this possible — I also like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Bryan for raising such a kind-hearted, humble, amazing man."

Bryan is known for being generous to his fans, and incidents of him going out of his way to recognize someone in need are not rare. Just recently he gave a shoutout to a fan with cancer. On many occasions he's brought a little girl or boy on stage to sing with him.

Bryan recently announced that his next studio album will come out before the end of the year — more specifically, after Thanksgiving but before Christmas. The CMA Entertainer of the Year nominee is also said to be considering a rumor to judge American Idol in 2018.

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