The entire heatwave. Every day. Outside in the sun with just a few square feet of man-made shade. That's how Luke spent his 4th of July week.

It was the craziest heatwave to hit New York since at least 2013 with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees from Saturday July 1 to Thursday July 5.

And I spent then entire time camping outside. In a field. At Darien Lake.

We made our reservations a little late this year and unfortunately were given a campsite in the overflow area of their campground. Just fine if you have a fancy camper with air conditioning. In a tent, not so much.

Luke Austin, TSM
Luke Austin, TSM

So it was basically like living outside all week long.

Thankfully Darien Lake's Splashtown water park is great to cool off in, but we were dry and hot again before getting back to the campsite every time we went.

Seriously, from Saturday until Tuesday there wasn't a single cloud in the sky.

Unbelievably neither me or my fiancee Naomi got even a touch of sunburn thanks to gallons of sunscreen, plenty of water(in between beers) and a few portable shade tents I got from Herb Philipson's earlier this year.

The only reprieve we were given from the sun was at night when it went down, and even then it was still hot!

On top of the heat, the wind was blowing so hard when we arrived that we had to enlist our awesome Canadian neighbors to help us hold the tent so I could stake it down before the wind blew it to Buffalo.

All in all it was really a great vacation despite the heat. And Darien Lake's new Tantrum roller coaster was totally worth it!


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