Need to lose a few pounds before spring? It's simple: Drink more Guinness!

Guinness is famous everywhere for its smooth body and strong taste. It's a traditional Irish stout, which means it looks and drinks a bit on the "heavy" side. Because of its dark color, most people automatically assume this equates to a calorie bomb in a glass. But that's not entirely accurate.


A pint of Guinness contains approximately 166 calories. By comparison, a pint of Budweiser -- a beer lighter in color and in mouthfeel -- contains 192 calories. And those IPAs your friend Brent drinks? Those are even worse. Some IPAs and double IPAs can be north of 300 calories per pint.

166 calories for a beer as robust and flavorful as Guinness is pretty damn good. And I mean, no, it's not a Michelob Ultra, which sits around 95 calories. But Michelob Ultra is barely a beer, and no respectable beer drinker should put that near their mouth.


Guinness is actually a "healthier" option in many ways, because it has several complex carbohydrates from the roasted barley and is high in folate, an important nutrient for our bodies. It also contains levels of fiber that are higher than other, so-called "lighter" options.

So how can it be so low in calories? Well, it's lower in alcohol. Which just means you can drink more of it!

So if you're an individual who likes to consume a pint or two (or three or four or five) on a regular basis, you might consider switching to Guinness. Over time, your bathroom scale will thank you!

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