Defazio's Pizza has been a staple in the village of New Hartford for countless years. It was one of the go-to spots for students of New Hartford High School for lunch, $1 draft nights on Thursdays, and one of the best pizza and wing combos in town. Unfortunately and without much notice, this long-time pizzeria closed it's doors on Saturday, December 12th, 2015.

This letter was posted on the door of Defazio's the week of it's closing.

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

An anonymous Defazio's employee reported that just a few days before the eatery was to end operations, owner Flip Philipkuski informed his workers that Saturday (December 12th) would be the last day. The employee went on to say that due to a lack of business over the past few months, it was becoming difficult financially to keep it up and running. Philipkuski felt it was just easier to let it go. The building that housed Defazio's is owned by John Collis and it appears that building and the one he owns across the street, the former "It's Showtime" and "Kid's Fun Zone," are for sale. Hopefully new businesses will come in to keep that part of town thriving.

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