Birthdays in 2020 have been a lot different than any previous year. Unless, of course you were born in January or February, before the coronavirus pandemic hit. One woman is turning 100 this year and her family is asking for cards, lots and lots of cards.

Monday, October 5th Anna Kazmerski of Little Falls will turn 100. Her son-in-law, Geri says there were plans for a huge party, but COVID got in the way. Now, he's hoping to flood her mailbox with cards. "If you could send one it would be awesome. She absolutely loves cards."

There were suggestions of a parade to celebrate Anna's birthday but she doesn't want anyone to do that. "She prefers cards, so cards it will be."

If you want to send Anna a card for her 100th birthday you can mail them to....

Anna Kazmerski
588 Garden Street
Little Falls, New York

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