For the second time in three years, The Little Caesar's Love Kitchen rolled into Utica and parked at Mother Marianne's Westside Soup Kitchen. The national pizza company started this program almost 30 years ago and help feed the hungry all across the United States!

Here Is My Interview With Love Bus Driver

I also had the privilege of speaking with Vicki Montalbono who is the director of the Mother Marianne Soup Kitchen and she is awesome! She does so much for not only those who are hungry here in Utica, but also for the community as a whole. One of the biggest challenges she has about the Summer is that their are more mouths to feed, because children are not in school. It's not just homeless people that visit the soup kitchen.

Today's a really special day. It's a festive day. It's Summer time so all the kids are out of school and it really is taxing on us. And Little Caesar's Corporation and our local Little Caesar's franchise owners have decided to bring their Love Bus to us and they're making pizza for everybody, it's going to put a smile on everyone's face.
- Vicki Montalbono, Director of Mother Marianne's Kitchen

The visit from the Love Kitchen is not something that is advertised for fear of people who aren't hungry just coming for free pizza, but those who regularly attend the soup kitchen get to enjoy some delicious pizza. At Mother Marianne's the people who come to eat there always get a well balanced meal, so in addition to pizza, everyone got salad, dessert, fruit, and drink. It is so awesome that Little Caesar's came to Utica to feed our hungry and the fact that they do this all across the United State is even more remarkable.

Andy Cash
Andy Cash

I also want to give recognition to the volunteers that help Vicki everyday at the soup kitchen. Without people like Vicki and her awesome volunteers, so many people would go without meals.

If you would like to make a donation or become a volunteer call 731-7271 or visit the Soup Kitchen's website:

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