Do you actually know where Upstate New York is? You probably have a strong opinion on where you believe it is, but chances are, other New Yorkers will disagree.

Obviously, New York State is already broken down into regions, from the Hudson Valley and the Southern Tier to Central New York and the North Country. But what exactly constitutes as "Upstate?" Does Utica fall into this classification? How about Ithaca? Albany? Tupper Lake?

In my nearly two years of living in Central New York, I've never managed to narrow Upstate down to one specific area because every born-and-raised New Yorker seems to have their own opinion on the matter. I've heard people call just about everywhere "Upstate New York," except New York City, of course.... Now that would be wild.

Facebook user Jaime Allen recently posted a comment, writing that "there actually is not an upstate ny" because the the state is already divided up into regions.

"Upstate is what the rest of the world calls anything that is not [Long Island] or [New York City]," Allen wrote.

So does Upstate New York only exist to folks from out-of-state? We need answers!

What are your thoughts? When all is said and done, where is Upstate New York and does it even exist? Let us know your answers to our burning questions inside our station app.

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