Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY is famous for their annual, spontaneous, Spring celebration known as Dolphy Day. It is an event that is organized by 'The Wizard' and usually begins a little while after midnight. This year's Wiz is doing something truly unique.

There have been many ways in which students have raised money for the annual party. Many "of age" seniors in the past have held events at area bars where proceeds from the cover charge would go towards the day's festivities, which usually included fireworks. If you've ever been to a Dolphy Day, you know how amazing it is. If not, it's like many other college celebrations, only better. If you or someone you know is an alum from Le Moyne, share the wealth and this story to ensure this generation of students has a great time. The organizers of this year's Dolphy Day have started a Go Fund Me page in order to take donations for the day.

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