Sometimes if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. With Facebook, that's always the case.

You should watch out for "Free" ad scams on Facebook. These ads could be simple as a free pizza coupon, or even discounted flights. Hackers are using these fake ads to collect all of your info. CBC News is warning Facebook users to watch out for all the free coupon scams going on.

The offers, shared countless times by unsuspecting Facebook users, illegally use well-known company names and logos."

The ads look as legit as possible, but can lead to massive trouble. Facebook reports if you click on these ads, you may be unwittingly installing malicious software or giving people access to your Facebook accounts.

Here's a couple helpful tips and tricks to watch out for:

- Think before you click. Is it reasonable that Air Canada would give two free tickets to everyone?
- Check the source of the offer. Call Air Canada, Costco, or whichever company is making the offer. Ask if it's legitimate.
- Does the company have a website? Some of the offers do not. That should raise a red flag.
- Check out their Facebook page. Click on About. If there is no information, the page is likely not what it appears to be.
-Remember, if it's too good to be true, it probably is."

Facebook urges you to contact them ASAP if you feel you are a victim to a scam.



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