The calls to re-open the border have come from both the American and Canadian sides and it has gotten beyond frustrating. With a vaccine in place and guidelines being changed here in New York, there are many families who either want to see loved ones in Canada or visit property that they own.

But the governments on both sides seem to be just dragging their feet. There are some reports that indicate there may be some movement on the issue sometime around mid July.

Since the measures were first imposed, the countries have been extending a month-to-month arrangement keeping them in place. The next agreement expires July 21.

There are so many great things that we look forward to taking our sons to when the border does open. The last time we were in Canada, we took our boys to a safari/zoo! It was so much fun! But I can't imagine how hard it has to be to not see family or property in over 16 months!! Hopefully events like this one from the weekend will help to grab the attention of those in charge.

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