Krystal Keith shared a photo of her baby girl breastfeeding with fans on Facebook, and most people were supportive. Most, but certainly not all.

While the singer didn’t respond to the few negative comments, she did post the image again to express her gratitude for those who encouraged her. Keith says the photo showed no more of her body than one would see on a red carpet best-dressed list.

“The fact that my body created a human being and that she can survive solely on a substance that my body creates for her is nothing short of a miracle,” the singer and Toby Keith’s daughter insists. “Everyone does what's best for their baby and I feel blessed that I can choose this for my baby.”

The breastfeeding selfie was taken at her family’s vacation house at an undisclosed tropical location. She appears to be on vacation with her family. “I LOVE that 99% of you have my back and understood the purity of the moment I wanted to share with my fans,” Keith adds.

Negative comments mostly called for the singer to cover up for photos posted on a public forum, and they were few and far between. “I don't get why she has her rights to breastfeed but anyone with the opinion that she could at least cover up isn't entitled to their opinion," one fan said.

Another member said breastfeeding should be a private thing between mother and child. That same person later explained that she breastfed her twins.

At least one person did think the photo was sexual, writing, “I thought women also use breasts to sexually entice men. It's natural and beautiful blah blah blah. Cover yourself.”

Krystal Keith's daughter, Hensley Jack Sandubrae, was born on Oct. 19. She's her first child with husband Andrew Sandubrae. Hensley Jack is Toby Keith’s third grandchild.

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