Kip Moore is one of country music's most engaging live performers, but sometimes his concerts get a little out of hand (in a good way). In an interview with People, the singer shares the story of how he and his band were pelted with countless bras on stage while playing a show in Cincinnati.

“I remember playing Cincinnati one time and during, ‘Hey Pretty Girl' — which was kind of an odd thing during that song, that sweet innocent song — there was an onslaught of bras that got thrown on the stage,” says Moore with a sly grin.

“And before we knew it the whole band was entrenched in an entire stage full of them.”

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Moore and his band began laughing when two bras were initially thrown, but soon enough it seemed as if the entire venue got in on the fun as he was singing the heartfelt ballad. Moore stresses that he and his band did not entice the bra throwing, but it was a funny moment to all in attendance.

“It was a trip. We all just had to stop the song because we were laughing too hard. That was a one-time thing where it got that out of control,” he shares.

"Hey Pretty Girl" was the last song Moore played that night, and he and his band left the stage covered in bras. Moore is set to kick off his fall headlining tour, the Plead the Fifth Tour, on Oct. 19. He'll take along Drake White and Jordan Davis for the stint and perhaps come home with some bras.

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