Kenny Chesney -- a famed island dweller -- has been doing his part to help with reparations following the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma, which ravaged much of the Caribbean Islands in September.

In addition to the work he did for the people of St. John with his Love for Love City Foundation, Chesney has now turned his attention to a more neglected population: The four-legged residents of the affected islands. Due to the fact that resources have been so limited, many people have been forced to evacuate and make the heartbreaking decision to leave their animals behind.

The singer utilized his foundation to help these displaced pets, explaining to TODAY, “If you’ve ever loved a dog or a cat, the idea of these poor animals who can’t find their people, who are struggling to find food, some of whom need medicine, it breaks your heart.

"To me, if we can’t find their owners, we can find them love. That’s what Love for Love City is all about.”

According to a Facebook post by a Virgin Islands dweller, Terrie Pantusco, Chesney and an assistant recently flew 90 more dogs to the Continental United States in an effort to find them homes. "These pets are headed to loving Stateside rescues and onto their furever homes," she noted. "It's a beautiful day."

If you'd like to help out with Chesney's recovery efforts, visit here.

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