Justin Moore's 3-year-old son, South, broke his leg, again. The singer says the incident happened on his watch, too, "which I hate."

Talking to Taste of Country Nights, Moore says that between him and his wife, he's much more of a helicopter parent, while Kate is more laid-back. She had to go out of town for a few days on business, leaving the "We Didn't Have Much" singer at home with the four kids, "which is fine," he says.

"I'm totally comfortable with it. I go pick 'em up from school, we go outside. They're all four on the trampoline and my 7-year-old is usually really good about keeping out for her brother and stopping her sisters from doing something stupid, you know. So I said, 'I'm gonna run in, I'm gonna grab a glass of water. I'll be right back.'"

Pandemonium broke out while he was gone. "My 11-year-old was nowhere to be found. My 9-year-old, who's a little more devious in nature, had double-jumped him, if you know what I mean by that," Moore says. "So I carried him to the doctor and low and behold, broken."

Reactions to the unfortunate news from other family members varied. Kate actually calmed her husband down from a distance, but Moore's father gave him grief over it. Moore wasn't here for that, however.

"Look, I know how many broken bones and stitches I had," he says he told his father, referring to his own childhood, "and my son broke his other leg last year with my dad at church in two places."

South (who turns 4 years old in June) is the baby of the family and the singer's only boy after three girls. Since the pandemic began, Moore says he has really been leaning into parenting and has taken a very active role as coach on his daughters' softball teams.

Musically, "We Didn't Have Much" is a song from Moore's next project.

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