Josh Gates star of the SyFy channels "Destination Truth," has traveled to hundreds of countries in an attempt to explain the unexplained.  Is Bigfoot real?  How about the Jersey Devil? Gates will share his findings at the Rome Capitol Theater, October 17.  Click for more details.

From climbing the Himalayas in search of Bigfoot, to combing the New Jersey Pine Barren looking for the Jersey Devil, Gates has traveled the globe.  And made some impressive findings.

In the season premiere of season two, Gates and his team uncovered a series of footprints high in the Himalayas of Nepal while in search of evidence of the Yeti. The prints were cast and analyzed by Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, a leading evolutionary morphologist. Preliminary data suggests that the footprints are anatomically legitimate and do not belong to a known primate.

The following year his team returned to the Himilayas and recovered a hair sample that was DNA tested as being from a primate, but was excluded as being human.
The video below is a preview of his trip into the Pine Barrens in attempt to document the Jersey Devil.

Josh Gates will share his experiences with a video and photo presentation at the Rome Capitol Theater on October 17.  Followed by an actual investigation of the theater with Joe Chin of Ghost Hunters International.  There will a chance to meet both Josh and Joe at the event.  For ticket information and more details click here.

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