The bathroom in our manufactured home is a bit of a conundrum. The shower is so small Polly keeps banging her elbows on the walls and finds it nearly impossible to shave her legs. There's not much room for hair products and soap, either.

Then, we have a huge garden tub that we can't fill with hot water — our hot water tank simply isn't big enough, and who has time to boil water on the stove like it's the 1800s? The only thing it's good for is collecting dust and holding paint cans while we repaint the walls.

We know we aren't the only manufactured homeowners facing these problems, and we suggest turning to John at John's Mobile Home Parts & Accessories to fix these and other problems. Right now is a key time to have John and his crew replace your furnace. You'll get great pricing and turnaround times, as this is a less busy time of year. It's undoubtedly a bit more expensive in the fall and winter when everyone's busy.

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Plus, when it comes to bathroom remodels, John can help you remove that useless garden tub and expand your shower with the eye of a remodeler who specializes in manufactured homes.

No part or job is too big or too small. Give John a call at (315) 821-6159 or browse online at

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