Stars: They're just like us! Their kids, especially. That point is proven admirably by a photo Jason Aldean shared to Instagram on Thursday (Dec. 19), showing off the well-known fact that kids will always do their best to mess up the annual Christmas photo with Santa.

In the shot, Aldean's two youngest children, Memphis (2) and Navy (who will be 1 in February) are dressed adorably and camera-ready for the perfect Christmas-card shot. Except, of course, one of them isn't having it. Like generations of kids before her, Navy isn't down with this big fat man in a red suit, and is letting out a classic howl worthy of A Christmas Story as her brother looks at her quizzically.

"Nailed it," noted Aldean sarcastically. Yup...

Wife Brittany actually did manage to capture the kids in a better mood, although neither one will crack a smile for the camera. We're sure these two will treasure these pics in years to come when they're old enough to laugh at them—just like all of us do now at our own similar Santa Claus disaster shots from long ago.

Aldean is set to embark on his We Back Tour in 2020, beginning in Columbia, S.C., on Jan. 30. The tour wraps on March 14 in Saint Paul, Minn.

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