What's even better than a bright red 1976 Bronco? According to Jason Aldean, it's a seriously pimped out 1976 Bronco -- complete with a leather interior and embroidered Jack and Ace playing cards on the headrest of each seat. Now, that's a pimped ride. 

Aldean's fellow country buddy Luke Bryan generously bought him the car in April 2013, and the 'Night Train' singer wasted no time in changing it up to roll with his edgy personality. He debut the Bronco's new look on Facebook, and in addition to the gorgeous leather seats and spades, it looks like the car got a lift kit.

It features only the colors red and black -- which is possibly a salute to his favorite team, the Georgia Bulldogs, and the Jack and Ace seem to be a play on Aldean's initials. With a newly tricked-out ride, Aldean will be rolling in style once he finishes up his 2013 Night Train Tour.

For now, he'll probably spend most of his time on the tour bus -- but hopefully once he gets back home, he can go for a joyride with Bryan, the one who made the car possible. With a new music video, a pimped out ride and a successful tour, Aldean is flying pretty high these days!

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