Jake Owen's hand injury is just the latest in a growing list of his injuries occurring during recreational activity that some may label as extreme. Before his block party celebration to commemorate his fourth straight No. 1 single, Owen said he doesn't plan to reign in his adventuresome ways, no matter who asks him to.

After the go-kart injury, Owen says his label CEO Gary Overton texted him telling him to think about the big picture. That got under his skin, as the 'Days of Gold' singer insists that's all he thinks about.

"When you make plans for your life, that’s when life makes plans for you," he said, according to the Tennessean. He downplayed the significance of losing a knuckle on his right ring-finger calling it a "bump in the road."

“You just figure out (how to make things work),” he said. “I’m just never going to stop being me ... I’m just prone to this kind of (stuff). I don’t know why. I wish I wasn’t.”

A short list of Owen's injuries includes the finger; the collarbone he broke in 2012 while snowboarding; and the shoulder injury he sustained wakeboarding before his country career began. To be fair, if he hadn't gotten hurt on the wakeboard, he'd likely have kept pursuing a golf career, and may have never picked up the guitar.

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