Did you know another major city in the U.S. was ALMOST named New York?



Before Seattle was Seattle, two groups of American pioneers wanted to name it two different things: One group settled on the site of present-day Pioneer Square and wanted to call it "Duwamps," and another settled near Alki Point and wanted to name it "New York Alki." Now when you think of New York Alkis, I'm sure several people in your extended family might come to mind, but "Alki" is actually a word, according to Wikipedia, that roughly translates to "by and by" or "someday."

Eventually the names Duwamps and New York Alki were both dropped, and "Seattle" was pitched. The name Seattle is kind of an anglicized version of a prominent Native American chief from that region. The first official use of the name Seattle appeared on May 23, 1853 in the Washington Territory papers, and on January 14, 1865, the Town of Seattle was incorporated. The rest is history.


Imagine how confusing it would've been for airports if Seattle was named New York. "You got any direct flights from New York to New York?" "Yeah, but which way?!" Too confusing. Seattle works better.

But if Seattle really wanted to be called New York, they technically should've called it New New York, since there was already a New York. You know what I mean?

Anyway, I'm just glad both coasts don't have to be trapped in a crappy Abbott & Costello bit.

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