We now have something to call the "miracle" baby elephant twins that were born at Syracuse's Rosamond Gifford Zoo this past October.

Rosamond Gifford Zoo via Facebook
Rosamond Gifford Zoo via Facebook

County Executive Ryan McMahon was joined by several executives from Micron Technology in announcing the names. This was not happenstance, as the Micron suits had something of a vested interest: the names are computer chip related.

The names Yaad and Tukada have been given to the animals, which in Hindi means "memory" and "chip," respectively.

Micron Technology's Senior Vice President April Arnzen made the announcement, and also announced that Micron will sponsor a free admission day for people who want to check out Rosamond Gifford Zoo's newest stars: That day will be Sunday, December 18th, which just happens to be with National Twin Day.


Of course it's always big news when an animal at your local zoo produces healthy offspring, but twins being born is especially exciting; even more so when they're a part of history. Because according to county officials, no surviving twin elephants have ever been born in the United States before Yaad and Tukada came into the world on October 24th.

Rosamond Gifford Zoo via Facebook
Rosamond Gifford Zoo via Facebook

Yaad and Tukada -- both males -- tipped the scales north of 200 lbs. when they were born. Tukada needed some extra medical attention after birth, but he's now doing fine, and both babies are putting on weight at a healthy & normal pace.

Not everyone is on board with the new names, though. One Facebook user commented, "Not sure why you held a public vote when the names were clearly already decided to be 'on brand' with Micron."

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