I want to make one thing perfectly clear here: Chicken tenders aren't JUST for children, okay?! Sometimes you can be a grown-ass adult and want some chicken tenders!

Maybe it's a comfort thing. Maybe it's a convenience thing. Or maybe you're just in the mood to dip something.

Let's face it, chicken tenders are the perfect vehicle for dipping sauce. And there's nothing better than setting up a whole lineup of sauces for the event. I've been known to set up shop at home with like 6 different sauces to have with my tenders. That's the way to do it, bub. You can have like an Asian chili sauce, a Louisiana hot sauce, honey mustard, ranch, BBQ... you're getting all those flavors in one meal!

Photo by logan jeffrey on Unsplash
Photo by logan jeffrey on Unsplash

And I know there are some people who think... "Well, what's the big deal? Chicken tenders are chicken tenders. They're the same everywhere you go." Well guess what, fella? You'd be...



All chicken tenders are NOT created equal! You can TOTALLY tell when some restaurant has just thrown some nondescript frozen chicken slabs into some fryer oil, or the tenders are made from scratch.

And that's what I'm after-- tenders made from scratch.

I polled the 315 Menus Facebook group recently and asked: Who makes the best tenders? Lots of people weighed in. So here are 15 of the best spots for chicken tenders around Central New York, according to you:

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Sometimes you can be a grown-ass adult in the mood for some chicken tenders.

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