Every now and then, the cast members and writers of Saturday Night Live, the legendary sketch comedy show on NBC, will take aim at Upstate New York. Whether they're talking about apple-picking, or using the state capital as the backdrop for a weird news story, Upstate New Yorkers usually end up as the butt of the joke.

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We put together a list of seven times that SNL took aim at Upstate, and included them below. Watch the clips that are included in the story, and see if any of them rub you the wrong way.

If you do, you likely won't be alone, as a lot of your neighbors would probably agree with you.

Seven Times Saturday Night Live Attacked Upstate NY

Saturday Night Live may be "live from New York" every week, but that doesn't mean the show is always kind to those who live in New York, and these are seven times they attacked Upstate New York.

Click the red title of each photo in order to watch the full sketch on YouTube.

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