Another day, another online hoax to debunk. Have you seen the latest viral post about Gmail?

Gmail is Sunsetting? What Does That Even Mean?

While scrolling on social media this week I saw a post that looked like it was from Google and Gmail announcing that the email service was "sunsetting."

A post on X (previously known as Twitter) showed what looked like a legitimate Google/Gmail document stating "After years of connecting millions worldwide, enabling seamless communication and fostering countless connections the journey of Gmail is coming to a close."

The viral photo added that the email service would be sunsetted as of August 1, 2024 meaning, according to that viral photo, "Gmail will no longer support sending, receiving, or storing emails."

Don't Worry, Gmail Isn't Going Anywhere

As we've learned in the times of technology and fake news, we know we have to double-check any rumor we come across.

A quick Google search, how fitting, debunked the Gmail sunset. Forbes Senior Contributor, Davey Winder, shared in an article on February 23rd, 2024, that some X users flagged the post for manipulated media. 

Winder adds that the fake Gmail photo was actually a "modified copy of a Google statement regarding getting rid of the basic HTML view in Gmail messages. The hoax was attributed to @SCHL0MS on X who says it was performance art."

With that being said, Google did share with Forbes that one of their apps would be leaving soon.

Google Pay Closing Down Service


When Winder reached out to Google for a comment regarding the fake Gmail sunset, they responded with a different closure. Google Pay will wrap up its product services.

Winder explains "Joris van Mens, the Google Pay group product manager, has announced that, for some users, the service will be closing down as of June 4, 2024. The closure will impact those based in the U.S. who use the Google Pay app."

You can read more about the Google Pay closure on the Forbes website.

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