New York has a long history of sightings involving unidentified flying objects. Now, a recent video, of what was described to the press as a "flying cylinder", has some experts puzzled. But could this object simply be someone flying a drone, or something else more down to Earth?

Some eyewitnesses of so called UFOs claim these objects will shoot beams of light, or even separate into multiple smaller objects. Some others are described as being unimaginably bright. According to at least one witness, the most recent object in question was traveling at a very fast rate of speed.

UFO Spotted Over LaGuardia Airport? 

The Daily Mail reports that a passenger aboard a flight leaving New York City filmed something resembling a '' 'flying cylinder' whizz by". The New York Post says that incident happened March 25, as the flight was taking off from LaGuardia Airport, though the witness who filmed the encountered contacted the Federal Aviation Administration this week.

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The Post says that Thomas Wertman, who is the state director of the Mutual UFO Network, feels that this is not a drone. "Drones aren’t supposed to fly at that altitude, at least legally,” says Wertman. he goes on to say, “if it were something related to [military] defense or law enforcement,  you normally wouldn’t see it so close to a major flight lane.”

Wertman also points to mystery object’s "altitude, shape and location", which he says rules out drones, or helicopters. He also told the Post that the odd shape of the craft debunks the theory it could be a second plane.

Witness Describes "Nerve-Wracking" Encounter 

The initial witness, Michelle Reyes, told NewsNation that she saw the "black object" moving at very high speeds, which easily passed the departing passenger plane. For further perspective, the plane was roughly fifteen minutes outside LaGuardia, and "likely traveling at 230 MPH", says the Post.

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Reyes also told NewsNation that the FAA never answered her email, though another UFO expert named Ben Hansen claims the video was not faked, nor is a hoax of any kind.

Drone laws in New York are a bit complicated and always changing, and Googling information will give some conflicting feedback. However, states, "drones are allowed in NY City for recreational and commercial use, subject to NYPD Permits, FAA regulations and flight controls put in place by local governments."

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