Did a local Hudson Valley resident recently encounter the elusive missing link?

A woman walking her dog in Carmel claims to have come across something very odd and frightening one February night. Could it have been just a coyote, or maybe a bear? Perhaps someone was playing a prank?

There are pics from that night, of some large footprints left behind, that were posted on the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley Facebook page. However, are these tracks through the snow really evidence of the famous figure from folklore and cryptozoology? After all, Putnam County has had its share of Bigfoot stories recently. 

Or, is there a far more logical explanation from the animal kingdom that can explain these footprints?

Bigfoot Sightings Across New York State 

According to a study from the Travel Channel in 2019, New York ranked as high as 5th for Bigfoot reports. According to the BFRO's more recent data, New York ranked 13th in the nation right behind Pennsylvania.

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According to a county-by-county breakdown of the numbers, Warren County leads the state for sightings with 13. Dutchess County had a fairly considerable amount of sightings with 5, though it should be noted that some counties have not posted recent updates in some time.

Another Sasquatch Encounter in Putnam County? 

The Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley Facebook page said in a post that the young woman was walking her German Shepard the night of February 14 in Carmel.

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According to the post, the woman "stepped outside and her watchdog suddenly froze and tucked his tail between his legs and started whining to get back inside."

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The post went on to say that the woman "had heard something breaking branches in the wood line and quickly went back into the house. The following morning she decided to investigate what was happening on her property."

Some of the comments under the post say that these creatures are found "all over New York". Another comment even claims the branch breaking was a form of communication.

Yet, others refute the story, saying what they heard was simply a large animal like a bear. Others question why there were only a few shots of the alleged Sasquatch footprints to begin with.

The following video comes from History Channel's MonsterQuest: BIGFOOT IN NEW YORK Season 2, Episode 12, which chronicles alleged Bigfoot sightings across New York state through the years.

Odd Noises, Humanlike Footprints - A Bigfoot Sighting in Upstate NY?

A man in NY claims that he'd been hearing weird noises and seeing suspicious things in the woods for months, so he investigated. Bigfoot believers are intrigued after seeing his photos.

Gallery Credit: Brian Cody TSM Albany