New Yorkers are more likely than ever to see what was once an elusive predator.

The Hudson Valley is full of fascinating animals, but the ones with fangs and claws generally stay away from cities and towns. With a recent sighting reported in Beacon, NY just last week, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) shared the new efforts that are being made to keep up with a spreading population.

NYS DEC via Facebook
NYS DEC via Facebook

Increasing Bobcat Populations in New York

"Once restricted to mountainous regions in eastern NY, bobcat populations have increased and expanded throughout central and western NY in recent decades", began a recent post from the NYS DEC. The first step in population management, they say, is to get a realistic idea of exactly how many bobcats there actually are in the state.

NYS DEC via Facebook
NYS DEC via Facebook

Bobcats Caught on Camera in New York

"DEC is currently using trail camera arrays to detect bobcats in areas of interest throughout NY", they reported. "Results from camera surveys will be paired with a mark-resight analysis of tagged and collared bobcats to estimate densities." Trail camera video (below), which were set up next to bobcat lures, show the wild cats acting a lot more like domestic pets.

The NYS DEC thanked private landowners for their participation in the project, which seems to be off to a very successful start. "The lure being used to attract bobcats can trigger a rubbing response. So far, it seems that bobcats like it!", they joked.

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