One Hudson Valley spot is connected to something pretty impressive that represents New York.

I was driving back from Newburgh the other day and was trying to make my way into Fishkill to stop at a few stores. I was stopped at a long light so I just started to look around and a sign caught my attention at the corner.


There was this HUGE SIGN that had information on the Seal of New York and it connected a Hudson Valley spot to it. Yes, a spot right here in Fishkill.

What Hudson Valley spot is on the Great Seal of New York?

The location is the Fishkill Supply Depot, so what exactly is the Fishkill Supply Depot?

The Fishkill Supply Depot is a one-of-a-kind national site and it was a "key strategic center of the American Revolution, established and visited by George Washington". The Depot was one of the three major encampments and it has also been known as the "military nerve center of the Continental Army".

According to the sign, the center of the NY Seal shows ships likely sailing with supplies in and out of the Depot during the Revolution.


The sign also shared more interesting facts about the connection:

  • The Seal was adopted in 1778, the same year General George Washington visited the Van Wyck Homestead
  • Mt. Beacon & Fishkill Landing are in the center of the Seal and were part of the Depot which stretched for miles to the Hudson River

There really is so much history here in the Hudson Valley and it's pretty cool that a spot in Fishkill is included in something that's seen almost every day.

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