Over the years, Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire have undoubtedly proven that their voices are great on their own, but they somehow sound even better when collaborating.

From reimagining each other's hits to putting their spin on holiday classics, the pair have racked up quite the praise and a few accolades along the way — including a Grammy nomination for Best Vocal Country Collaboration.

Outside of their careers, many country fans know that McEntire and Clarkson were once related. Clarkson married McEntire's then-stepson, Brandon Blackstock, in 2013. At the time, McEntire was married to Narvel Blackstock, but they divorced in 2015, while Clarkson filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock in the summer of 2020. Despite their marriages ending, Clarkson and McEntire have remained very supportive of one another.

Keep reading for our list of McEntire and Clarkson's most unforgettable collaborations from throughout the years.

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    "Because of You"

    "Because of You" was a major success for Clarkson in the earlier stages of her career. She originally recorded the song solo for her sophomore album, Breakaway. The single was a commercial success breaking into the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

    McEntire joined Clarkson for a new version of the emotional song in 2007 as part of Reba: Duets. In this reimagined version, McEntire struggles to see Clarkson trapped in an abusive relationship. The duet earned the pair widespread praise and multiple award nominations, including Best Vocal Country Collaboration at the 50th Grammy Awards. The song peaked slightly higher than the solo version, landing at the No. 2 spot on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart.

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    "Silent Night"

    Clarkson delivered a star-studded version of "Silent Night" during her 2013 NBC special, Kelly Clarkson's Cautionary Christmas Music Tale.

    Clarkson takes the lead for the performance before being joined by Trisha Yearwood and McEntire on the holiday classic. To the crowd's delight, the three superstars take turns exchanging lyrics and offering powerful harmonies.

    This version of "Silent Night" also appeared on Clarkson's first Christmas album, Wrapped in Red, which was released on Oct. 29, 2013.

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    "Soft and Tenderly"

    For "Softly and Tenderly," a track from McEntire's recent gospel album, Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope, she enlisted the help of her friends and fellow country stars, Yearwood and Clarkson. Throughout the song of faith, which originates from the late 1800s, the three heavy hitters of country music beautifully layer their voices to create a genuinely angelic sound.

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    "Does He Love You"

    Over the years, McEntire has invited some of country music's most well-known female artists to sing opposite her on "Does He Love You."

    In 2007, McEntire recruited Clarkson to help her tackle the subject of a complicated romantic relationship. The pair tell the story of two women in a love triangle, contemplating who their partner truly loves and which one is second best.

    "Does He Love You" was originally recorded by McEntire and Linda Davis, and served as the first single from McEntire's 1993 album, Greatest Hits Volume Two.

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    Clarkson has never shied away from taking on McEntire's most iconic songs, even during the early moments of her career. During a 2007 installment of CMT's Crossroads, the pair show off their close bond while delivering a high-energy rendition of "Fancy."

    Between mouthing the lyrics when it wasn't their turn on the mic to exchanging encouraging looks, it's clear that they have a place for each other in their hearts. At the song's end, McEntire reaches for Clarkson's hand and triumphantly holds it in the air while the crowd goes wild.

    "Fancy" was written and originally recorded by Bobbie Gentry in 1969, but McEntire's 1991 remake is still considered one of her best — and bravest — songs to date.

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    "A Minute and a Glass of Wine"

    In 2019, McEntire popped up as a special guest on Clarkson's tour to help with her reoccurring "A Minute and a Glass of Wine" segment. Before coming on stage, Clarkson hinted at who she was about to bring out, calling the person her hero and someone who inspired her career. The crowd quickly connected the dots and erupted into thunderous applause when McEntire emerged to help sing Clarkson's trademark hit, "Because of You."

    The pair recorded their own studio version of the track in 2007 as a part of McEntire's Reba: Duets project. That rendition became a crossover hit, quickly climbing all the way to No. 2 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart.

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    "Why Haven't I Heard From You"

    The pair's take on McEntire's "Why Haven't I Heard From You" was another highlight from their 2007 CMT Crossroads episode. 

    Throughout the song, Clarkson and McEntire ponder why they have yet to hear from their special someone. While working through the options, Clarkson and McEntire take turns driving their version of the lead single from McEntire's 1994 album, Read My Mind.

    The song was a hit for the country singer, breaking into the Top 5 of Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart.