Last month, my family visited Florida and when we were checking into our motel, my son noticed a fun-looking machine sitting in a dark corner and started to pelt me with questions.

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The machine, as it would turn out, was a bitcoin ATM, and I couldn’t help but snap a photo because it was the first of its kind that I had ever seen.

In talking with the gentleman at the front desk, he explained to me that a lot of the people in the 55+ community preferred to use cryptocurrency than actual cash or card and that he just couldn’t wrap his head around it, but it’s what the community wanted and so he put in a machine.

My son asked if we could purchase some cryptocurrency and I told him we could not. I like to think that I’m pretty knowledgeable when it comes to things like that, but in reality, the concept of cryptocurrency goes right over my head.

According to those who know more about cryptocurrency than I do, the digital money form, “kicked off 2023 with their highest levels in months” and more and more people are starting to take notice of it, and not just that, they're embracing it.

The experts describe the benefits of cryptocurrency saying that it “offers freedoms from traditional financial infrastructure and with its constant development, it’s fascinating to keep up to date with the places taking the largest interest in this area.”

When it comes to which states are really embracing cryptocurrency, Nevada beats out Florida, according to which says that more people in Nevada are searching for crypto-related terms than any other state in the country at a rate of almost two thousand per 100,000 residents.

Believe it or not, Florida, where I saw my first ever cryptocurrency machine, is actually embracing digital currency less than New York.

Experts say one of the reasons that New York ranked third in the nation for cryptocurrency searches is that New York is the home of Wall Street, so perhaps that makes a bit of sense. Florida actually came in sixth in searches for cryptocurrency behind Nevada, California, New York, New Jersey, and Washington.

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