I love team trivia nights. I have been an active player for the better part of fifteen years since my time in Nashville. I put together a feared team known as the Bayside Tigers and soon, word spread of how accomplished a team we were. Teams would come from other restaurants to face us. Soon they knew the legends to be real and they would kneel to the greatness of the Bayside Tigers.

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After many years of mopping the floor with the "competition", I have decided to retire and be on the other side of trivia night. Much like Tom Brady, I have nothing left to accomplish. Now hosting is in my future. Tom and I are finding ourselves holding the microphones as we move into the next stage of our love of the game.

I have been shadowing current hosts for a few weeks now before i kick off my own night of fun and facts. Last night I saw a fantastic display of grace under pressure from the host and a human display of patience that was very welcome in today's nonstop action world.

As the game began to come to the penultimate round, I noticed the laptop battery was running low. I was told not to worry about it and we proceeded with the game. We began to take wagers from the teams for their "Final Jeopardy" moment when the laptop died.

As I was holding the mic, I started vamping with the typical things like "Give it up for your bartender and the staff here tonight.' This served to allow the host to bring up the web documents to continue. He didn't even break a sweat. No panic. Just Joe Cool. It was admirable.

As well, the crowd did not become restless. Basic human understanding and laughter won out. No one complained and no one had a bad time. It was great to see people roll with it and continue to enjoy themselves. It was a supportive moment that reminded me that people make mistakes and others can lift them up when it happens. Let's strive to be like this group of people who came together for their love of the game.

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