A significant winter storm is charging toward the East Coast and could bring a sloppy mix of rain and snow starting Saturday night.

After a fairly calm winter season, a charged weather pattern could produce the first significant snowfall in Central New York.

Tracking Potential Nor'Easter

Meteorologists say there's a potential for a big snow storm this weekend, which could create a hazardous morning commute come Monday. This is due to a colder and more active weather pattern rushing across the United States, which is expected to bring damaging winds while dumping significant rain and snowfall totals on the East Coast.

Storm Brings Snow, Sleet, And High Winds To Mid Atlantic Region On Second Day Of Spring
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The storm is expected to gain strength when it heads over the Gulf of Mexico late Friday night and drench Florida to the Carolinas as it barrels north. At the moment, forecasters predict it'll strike the region Saturday evening.

The National Weather Service has since issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook for Central New York:

A low pressure system tracking up the east coast has the potential to bring widespread accumulating snow to the region Saturday evening into Sunday. Details, such as exact snowfall amounts are still uncertain at this time.

Although it is still too early to provide snowfall estimates, there are several factors at play that could

1. How cold the weather will be when the storm arrives
2. Where the storm's rain and snow line tracks over Central NY

Currently, temperatures are predicted to be right around freezing, which is increasing our chance for some serious snowfall. Additionally, forecasters are warning that if we do get snow, it will be heavy and wet in nature and not the light, fluffy stuff.

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In short, it is more likely we will see snow instead of rain, but the storm is still too far out and there's too many atmospheric variables in the cards to confidently determine when it'll hit and how much precipitation it has in store for us.

A clearer outlook will be issued 3 to 4 days before the storm is slated to arrive. In the meantime, residents are encouraged to make sure they have enough gas to power snow blowers and generators to avoid a potential rush at the pump.

It should be noted that, as of print time, meteorologists are also tracking another potentially strong storm system that could bring a mess of ice, rain, and snow by the middle of next week.

Keep checking WIBX for weather updates as we continue tracking these systems.

Lake-Effect Snow This Week

If the above wasn't enough, Central New York could see more lake-effect snow starting on Wednesday. Snow showers are expected to start Wednesday night and into Thursday evening.

Anya Smith via Unsplash
Anya Smith via Unsplash

At the moment, forecasters aren't too alarmed by snowfall totals and expect Central New York to receive between a dusting to 2 inches of snow, depending on elevation, by the time the lake-effect system exits the region.

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