Someone get the Tin Foil Hat Society on the phone, because there may have been a UFO right here in Central New York.

Several people have hopped into the comment section on a post in the People Places and Opinions of Rome NY Facebook group, saying they all saw a similar object in the sky.

The original commenter asked the question :

Did anyone else see the VERY shiny metallic object in the sky yesterday? We saw very briefly it disappeared quick and left a little like a white line in the sky and as this was when we were coming from Utica as we get closer to Rome so another white line in the sky. After I got home I saw another one even further to the south. Don’t know what it was but our suspicion was it could possibly be possibly have been us UFO I don’t have anybody else saw it let me know.

The original poster had many people comment back saying they saw a similar shiny object in the sky:

"We saw them. But I just assumed they were airplanes with sun shining on them."

"Intelligent life from other planets watching, pointing and laughing at us! "


"Saw a bunch of streaks in the sky around 4:30 yesterday. I was wondering what they were."

"It's been going on for a while now, definitely suspicious, shiny objects and planes leaving trails of smoke or whatever, usually starts near dusk. I'm guessing so the trails blend into the night sky‍♀️ I'm sure there's "a logical explanation" maybe it's weather balloons deflating or something."

"Our contractor saw something very fast / shiny, before the Apache copters started circling around, it was last Friday morning. Maybe there was/is some testing going on."

No. It's aliens. Definitely aliens. When will we start hearing more background on UFOs and sightings?

NASA announced the 16 people will spend the next nine months studying unidentified aerial phenomena, also known as UFOs.

Using unclassified data, the team will "lay the groundwork for future study" of UFOs by examining how the data is gathered by the public, local government and other sources. he goal is to have a roadmap for NASA's data analysis on the flying objects, and determine what events are natural or not, according to USA Today.

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