Grab your tin foil Bills Mafia. There is a new conspiracy theory across New York that might explain the Bills success.

Sitting directly across the present day stadium in Buffalo is the site of New Highmark Stadium. Many curious fans and supporters have ventured over to the site of the new construction, even though they really shouldn't. On December 10th 2023, one fan even allegedly fell into the construction pit. Welcome to the birth of a new conspiracy theory.

A new conspiracy theory involving Buffalo Bills fans is making the rounds on the social network, and it claims that 'Bills Mafia' is ready to do anything that's needed for their team to win. Even if it means falling into a dangerous pit."

So according to a viral conspiracy theory on TikTok, after this fan "fell" into the pit, it triggered the big turnaround the Bills needed for their season.

Buffalo, who held a 7-6 record in Week 14 and an uncertain postseason future, visited Arrowhead Stadium that day and ultimately secured a 20-17 win. Fast forward to week 18, the Bills remained undefeated for the final 5 games, even besting Miami to secure the AFC East title. The key? A fan falling into the New Highmark construction, according to the TikTok conspiracy video."

So the theory states that Bills fans have been having "sacrifices" at the site of New Highmark Stadium. The video then claims to show hospital papers that 'prove' that a fan has fallen into the pit every week since the Week 14 game.

"The pit must be fed", the fan states". "Here's further documentation from the local emergency room in Buffalo, New York, talking about how the pitt has received a victim before every single Bills victory"."

So, do the Buffalo Bills need to continue to have a fan fall into the pit every weekend in order to make it to the Super Bowl?

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