A man wakes up to a cockroach "playing" his guitar in a viral video that shows one of the reviled insects flittering about on the six strings of an acoustic axe, the sound of which the video-taker claims stirred him from a slumber.

If it doesn't gross you out enough to stop watching — cockroaches found in the home are known to be pathogen-carrying pests, after all — you may find yourself wondering if roaches actually have some iota of musical talent. OK, yeah, probably not.

Regardless, watch the video down below.

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"I woke up to the sound of my guitar being played and saw this…" Instagram user @adamtrad31 wrote atop the original clip, which was subsequently re-shared by others across social media.

"Holy fuck, I thought I was tripping balls," he marvels aloud in the clip. "What the fuck?"

The original video seems to have been made private, but mirroring uploads are abundant.

Can Cockroaches Play Guitar?

Of course, cockroaches can't actually play guitar — can they? We highly doubt it, but the one in the video certainly seems to be sounding the guitar strings in some determined manner. Then again, it would probably be doing much the same thing to almost any object it landed on, it just so happened to have found the strings of this person's guitar.

Commenters on the cockroach-playing-guitar video were quick to quip about the circumstance. "Only real Beatles fans know who this is," one wrote on Barstool Sports' TikTok page.

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Watch: Man Wakes Up to Cockroach Playing His Guitar (Allegedly)

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