What makes Thomas Rhett + family's Nintendo Halloween costume theme truly stand apart from the rest? It's all about the attention to detail.

Any parents can attest to the fact that getting four kids into costumes — matching costumes, no less — is no small feat, but the country star and his wife Lauren pulled it off impeccably, with their four daughters each perfectly dressed as a different classic Nintendo character. The two oldest kids, Willa Gray and Ada James, are adorable as Mario and Luigi, complete with blue overalls, hair tucked under hats and even matching mustaches.

Lennon Love is a simply sweet Princess Peach, with a crown perched on her head and white elbow-length gloves. Rhett treated fans to a sneak peek of Lennon's costume before he did the full family Nintendo reveal, sharing a video of himself (dressed as Bowser) serenading Princess Peach at the piano.

The youngest Akins kid, Lillie Carolina, makes for an adorable Toad. In two side-by-side pictures that he posted as part of his Halloween carousel, Rhett also proves that Lillie was twinning with her grandpa Rhett Akins on Halloween — the country singer-songwriter and dad to Rhett showed up to the family Halloween party dressed as Luigi, and making faces that perfectly pair with his granddaughter Lillie's.

Of course, the Akins family's holiday decor added to the spooky factor, too: Gigantic black spiders "crawled" over their roof, an oversized web was strung from the corner of a trailer and the family posed for photos in front of an array of pumpkins and a lit-up neon display reading "BOO."

But arguably, the best part of the family's Halloween getup was Lauren's costume: She dressed as Donkey Kong for the big day, and she was so unrecognizable in her mask that TR had to clarify that it was actually her in his social media post. "Yes, Lauren is Donkey Kong," he captioned his Halloween post.

The country star and his wife both frequently share photos of their adventures as a young family. Most recently, TR posted a roundup of shots from their trip to Disney World, including a sentimental caption reminding himself to enjoy all the chaos of having four small kids.

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