For years, Old Dominion used to make self-deprecating jokes to each other about never becoming successful in country music.

"In an effort to protect ourselves, we would joke about it not working, and we're never gonna make it — and we can't ignore [our success] anymore," lead singer Matthew Ramsey told press backstage at CMA Fest, before the band's set on the Nissan Stadium main stage.

Earlier in the week, they'd hosted a fan party, and the band couldn't hold back their emotions when they came face to face with the love from their fans.

"I think as you get older, you get more emotional," bandmate Brad Tursi reflects, pointing out that they've reached a point where they're mature enough to feel the full impact their music has on listeners.

But part of that emotion also comes from the group's overwhelming, sustained success. Old Dominion have not only had radio hits, but they consistently win industry trophies at events like the CMA Awards and the ACM Awards, and their crowds are getting bigger and bigger when they play live.

"We're just so lucky. And we feel that every time we walk out onstage. It's hard to ignore now," Ramsey continues. "... Because of the size of the crowds that we're playing for and the hits that we have, we can't [make jokes about not making it] anymore. We can't ignore where we are, and it's a pretty great place to be."

The band will continue that momentum with a new leg of their No Bad Vibes Tour, which will run throughout 2023.

"We did the first leg, and now it's growing into bigger rooms and bigger opening acts. We've kind of figured out what the message is, with the No Bad Vibes Tour," Ramsey reflects. "It really has turned into this big, joyous experience [for us and for] the fans. So we can't wait to keep it rolling."

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