Harrison Ford was counting his blessings while accepting the Career Achievement trophy at the Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday (Jan. 14).

"First of all, I'm really happy to be here tonight to see what our business is turning into, and all of the talented people who are getting opportunities that probably wouldn't have existed in the early part of my career," he told the crowd after a lengthy standing ovation, People reports.

"I'm here because of a combination of luck and the work of wonderful writers, directors and filmmakers," he continues. "I feel enormously lucky. I'm happy for this honor, and I appreciate it very much."

Ford has taken on several blockbuster roles throughout his acting career. Most notably, he brought to life characters like Indiana Jones in all five Indiana Jones films, and Han Solo in several of the iconic Star Wars movies. His films have raked in more than $9 billion worldwide.

More recently, Ford joined the Yellowstone universe to play Jacob Dutton in its spinoff series, 1923. The show is return to Paramount+ for another season — after a delay in production last year due to the writer's strike, filming will be underway soon.

When asked about filming with Ford, Brandon Sklenar (Spencer Dutton) said he would appear alongside the actor in the final eight episodes that "we're about to start."

1923 continues to paint a picture of the Dutton family history, serving as a prequel of sorts to the ever-popular Yellowstone. The series follows Jacob and Cara Dutton as they fight to maintain their land in the midst of drought, the Great Depression and Prohibition. Fans can catch up on the first season on Paramount+.

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