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Ashley McBryde is without a doubt one of the most admired country artists in the genre. She is not only beloved by her fans, but by her fellow country music superstars, as well.

Artists are either trying to write with her, have her sing on their songs, or perform with her. Hot off of winning a Grammy for a duet she did with Carly Pearce called "Never Wanted to Be That Girl," she talked to Taste of Country Nights.

Based on the above mentioned, I thought it would be compelling to find out who she wants to work with still. One of the names I brought up? Jelly Roll — the two are going to be doing some shows together this year, so I wanted to know if there might be a collaboration between them brewing.


Her answer?

"I hope we end up on a song, we have been making stuff up together, so we will see how that goes."

McBryde says she heard about Jelly Roll when her neighbor, who is a musician, texted her about him and was like, "You know this guy Jelly Roll? He's a rapper."

So she went on Apple Music and pulled up Jelly Roll, and the first song she heard was "Save Me." She told her neighbor she had to meet him.

Beyond that, McBryde opens up about her upcoming Grammy tattoo and how she'll soon celebrate with Pearce. Also, wait until you hear her reaction to footage I showed her of Elle King telling a drunk story from when she went on tour with Miranda Lambert.

At the very end, she does her best to hold in a secret about a second collaboration she's working on. This one is with a famous rocker and she drops a ton of clues. Can you figure it out?

It's all on the latest episode of Taste of Country Nights, On Demand.

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