The illegal gun trade in New York has been a program for several years. It seems that no matter what new laws Albany puts into effect, there has been no shortage of guns hitting our streets.

Just when you may have thought things were improving, officers from the Buffalo Police Department stumble upon a pretty sizeable stockpile of weapons.

New York Makes Additional Changes To Gun Laws

A day that many people in the Empire State have been waiting for has finally arrived.

Now, in addition to new rules surrounding who and what is needed to purchase firearms in New York, you have to submit and pass a background check in New York in order to purchase ammunition in the State. In addition to having to pass a background check every time you buy ammo in the state, you now have to pay a new fee.

If that wasn't all, in the coming weeks, the New York State Police will begin to take over the process of checking backgrounds. Currently, it's handled through a federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

Stock Pile Of Illegal Weapons Found In Buffalo

Many are wondering if all of these new gun laws in New York are having the desired results as we still are seeing illegal gun seizures like what the Buffalo Police Department took custody of late last week.

In an article posted by the Buffalo News, police officials detail the stockpile of weapons they came across in an abandoned house near Buffalo's Central Terminal.

At least 10 firearms and a large amount of ammunition were discovered, along with what is suspected to be drugs. Several handguns were recovered, in addition to two assault rifles and a shotgun.

Investigators are currently trying to determine who is responsible for guns.

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